Supply Source

Putting your contract manufacturing in safe hands

Welcome to Supply Source

Supply Source is a volume contract manufacturing partner for life-critical industries. We work behind the scenes at scale for global brands, tactical missions and humanitarian endeavours worldwide.

What we can offer you

Product Development

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to develop new and re-design existing products to grow their business.

OEM Manufacturing

We work closely with your brand and design team to manufacture private-label products in large volumes.

Compliance & Certification

We achieve and maintain product compliance in all the work we do and across all jurisdictions we work in.

Featured product lines

Hands putting on protective gloves

Apparel & PPE

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Needle with lady wearing mask behind

Procedure Packs

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Moisture Control

Moisture Control

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Hand & Surface Hygiene 

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Wound Care

Wound Care

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Why choose Supply Source?

Full product development and design capabilities – enabling creativity when it’s needed most

Manufacturing in friendly economies, close to the key markets of Europe, UK and North America – enabling assured supply from low-risk countries

Experts in contract manufacturing at scale in 11 countries – enabling our clients to remain nimble to respond to opportunities

Accredited test laboratory – enabling rapid access to product testing and a comprehensive technical file

Fully compliant products everytime – enabling 100% compliance, 100% of the time

Transparent methodology – unique 24-stage process to reverse engineer each product for best-in-class outcomes every time

OEM, ODM and private label – we work behind the scenes, manufacturing for blue-chip brands, tactical missions and humanitarian endeavours

UK company – empowering confidence with access to global manufacturing expertise