A smarter healthcare sourcing company

Who is Supply Source?

We are a global, ethical sourcing company dedicated to helping healthcare organisations and procurement teams to make smarter sourcing decisions that will provide business continuity for large volume consumables.

We represent next-generation sourcing, providing you with access to all the benefits of buying direct from overseas manufacturers, anywhere in the world, but with seamless peace of mind and transparency that comes with an ISO9001 Certified UK business.

From quality assurance to compliance and environmental sustainability, our turnkey solutions provide healthcare professionals with sustainable, ethical sourcing of medical supplies for the future.

Some of the healthcare consumables and products we source for clients:

Hands putting on protective gloves

Nitrile examination gloves

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Needle with lady wearing mask behind

Low dead space syringes

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Air purifier in office

Mobile air purification

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Supply Source at a glance

We work with you and for you, finding the right supplier for the products you currently buy. We focus on product performance and specifications, rather than brand names.

We are an established product sourcing company with multiple supply lines to low cost country manufacturing territories that facilitate critical business continuity for consumables.

A UK company with a strong financial standing and a proven track record of delivering high-volume deals of $300m+ to over 150 healthcare organisations worldwide.

A rigorous due diligence process as standard, ensuring our modern slavery policy is upheld, including supplier checks with boots on the ground audits in every region.

From compliance and manufacturing to shipping and storage, we manage the entire process to offer a dependable and consistent supply of vital equipment.

Whatever products you’re looking to procure, we can provide samples to ensure complete peace of mind around quality and compliance.

Optimise your supply chain


Take control

Make your supply chain more resilient and find sourcing options closer to the point of use


Save costs

Realise economies of scale by buying in bulk direct from the manufacturer


Peace of mind

We work with insurance and legal experts to minimise the risks of overseas sourcing

See inside your supply chains

Many clinicians have branded consumables that they know and choose. But where do the products really come from?

Behind the brands, many of these products are actually made by the same firms, at the same factories, using the same materials.

That means NHS organisations are missing out on bulk savings, simply because their supply chains are not transparent.

With us, you’ll see exactly what you’re buying and where it comes from, strengthening your supply chain without exposing yourself to risk.

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