Sourcing your healthcare consumables

We focus on solving your supply chain problem, not focusing on the products we can readily source. We don’t hold stock or sell specific product lines, and instead specialise in sourcing against your specification. We get an understanding of the product you need and then we will source it. 

COVID-19 Equipment

Coronavirus is still very much part of society and healthcare organisations must be prepared with a  trusted supply of equipment ready to deal with situations that are impacted by it. Supply Source are able to globally source high quality products with healthcare supply chain security that have undergone all our stringent due diligence checks.  

Coronavirus lateral flow tests

  • Statement of efficacy with Omicron variant   
  • For self-testing and professional use  
  • CE marked  
  • ISO 13485 certified  
  • Clinical report  
  • UK Government (DHSC) Phase 3-A approved  
  • GTIN barcode compliant  
  • Available as single kits, 5 tests per kit and 20 tests per kit  

These tests check if someone has COVID-19, providing quick results without laboratory involvement.  

Low dead space syringes & needles

  • Available in luer slip, luer lock, auto disable and safety needle options  
  • CE marked  
  • ISO 13485 certified  
  • WHOE008 certified  
  • Ethylene oxide (EO) sterilised  
  • Individual blister packs  
  • Range of needles sizes including 23G 1inch  
  • Low dead space  
  • Available as 0.5ml or 1ml options  

Also known as dead volume syringes & needles, these contain a smaller space between the syringe body and the needle for medical product to remain after the plunger has been completely depressed.

Examples of other products we can source

Hands putting on protective gloves

Nitrile examination gloves

Nitrile gloves are formed from a synthetic rubber and therefore remove the risk to latex allergies. These are a popular product, offering high strength, dexterity and resistance to commonly encountered liquids compared to latex or vinyl.

Air purifier in office

Mobile air purification

Transportable technology containing HEPA filters, made up of an intertwined network of glass fibres, which trap particles of various sizes before releasing cleaned air into the surrounding environment. The mobility of the units make them rapidly deployable in areas at high-risk of infection transmission.

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