We go above and beyond the contract manufacturing remit with our full product development and supply chain consulting offering.

Sourcing and Product Development

Whether looking to develop your own-branded product or solve a need through readily available supply, Supply Source can help deliver a solution to your door.

  • Market Appraisal
  • Product Development
  • Quality & Regulatory
  • Product Testing & Technical File Preparation Engineering and Volume
  • Production Optimisation Ongoing Social and Environmental Auditing
  • Logistics Management
  • Dedicated Factory Set-Up, Hiring and Management

Product Examples

See below for a selection of scenarios and product examples. Contact us with your requirement.

Pandemic Response

The lasting effects of the Coronavirus outbreak, as well as continued action against current and future strains is still very much part of our society and risk to healthcare organisations. Supply Source can provide assistance against further waves and other prevalent diseases such as Monkeypox with a catalogue of front-line products from PPE through to testing and inoculation.

Lateral Flow Tests


Syringes & Needles

nitrile gloves

Single Use PPE

Air purifier in office

Air Purification

Conflict & Humanitarian Relief

Along with the obvious devastation, ongoing conflicts bring with them threat to supply chains and sourcing of life critical equipment. Supply Source works alongside a number of world organisations to help deliver product assistance and aid whenever called upon.



packs & kits

First Aid Kits

modular assemblies

Modular Utility Units

Wound Care

Sterile Bandages

General Healthcare

Current events throughout the world over the past few years have created a perfect storm in many hospitals and healthcare organisations. Budget constraints, patient backlog and bed-space all require product solutions that can perform and alleviate the pressures.


single use




Moisture Control

Bed Pads

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