The Importance of Independent Product Testing

Buying products that are fit for use under the appropriate regulations within your market is vital in saving future time undoing what could be costly errors. There are several key points when you should conduct independent product testing to ensure it meets the requirements.

Buying a new or modified product

New or modified products won’t be covered by any pre-existing test results you have and the product specification, materials, performance etc may be different so you should get the product you’ll be offering on the market tested.

Purchasing from a new supplier

Ensure you have samples before placing an order from a new supplier. One sample you should keep in packaging in the same condition you received it in, one should go for testing, and the other kept on-hand for your own use so get three samples as a minimum. The sample sent for testing will be a representative indication of the supply you’ll be committing to and what the supplier will deliver.

On the anniversary of the original testing

Regulations change and often ecommerce channels will require an up-to-date, recent test certificate to provide legitimacy of your products. Aim to get your products tested by a lab every year to keep on top of changes and requirements.

Adhoc spot-checking

We recommend that you take a random sample of the product supply periodically to get tested and checked by a lab officially so you can ensure the integrity of the continued and ongoing supply of goods.

Adhering to new or amended regulations

Get your product tested to any relevant regulations as they become applicable to or affect your market. Keep on top of upcoming timelines for new regulations so you can test in a timely manner to remain a competitive offering.

Supply Source – your product testing partner

For fast-track product testing as part of your market appraisal process, we have our own UKAS-accredited test laboratory in the UK for EU and UK regions. We have trusted laboratory partners with all current local regulatory approvals in Latin America, USA, Australasia, Taiwan, The Netherlands and UAE. Our third-party testing and certification facilities are regularly inspected by local Supply Source personnel on the ground in each region, ensuring our customers’ test requirements are given priority. Transparency and 100% compliance throughout the supply chain are a key part of ensuring that no one, anywhere in the world, should be deprived of the right healthcare for want of the right product.

Get in touch to find out how we can support you in ensuring ongoing regulatory compliance in your market.

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