Our Process

With manufacturing at our core, we are a process driven organisation. The Double-Diamond Methodology is the process we follow for every project we embark on to ensure we deliver best-in-class outcomes every time.

To enable full transparency and communication of all and any project, we plan and implement a tailored Product Journey with the aim of tracking all stages of the project from beginning to end and beyond.

It’s how we implement the Double-Diamond Methodology in practise.

Diamond Methodology

The Double Diamond Methodology allows Supply Source to approach every project in an agile fashion, delivering the right result only after careful planning, development and understanding.

The four key building blocks to our process are:

Discover: We engage with our customers to truly understand their needs and pressure points.

Define: We outline our proposal to ensure it meets the required need.

Develop: The proposed solution is made a reality.

Deliver: We bring the finished solution to fruition and into the market.

double diamond methology

Product Journey Planner

We define our Product Journey Planner at the beginning of all projects to provide a concise, informative and transparent plan of action for our clients to follow from start to finish and beyond.

Product Journey