How it works

To get you started with Supply Source, we follow a three-step process that allows us to understand and then remodel your supply chain.


We analyse your products, spend and volumes.


We find new ways to source the same products in bulk.


We help you buy direct from overseas suppliers.


First, we ask you to trust us with your procurement data. We will sign a binding NDA to ensure confidentiality, and hold your data in a secure location. 

Then we use reverse value engineering to analyse your data by drilling into volumes and spend per product. 

That gives us a detailed picture of your supply chain, from raw materials through to finished product.


Building on our analysis, we identify opportunities to commoditise the offering through smarter, high-volume purchasing. 

For example, we can pinpoint common raw materials and manufacturing processes across product types such as gowns, drapes and disposable curtains. 

Then we bring all your requirements together in a written specification, and tender the opportunity to our network of approved manufacturers overseas.


Finally, we provide you with a proposal with demonstrable savings, including manufacturers’ offerings, product range samples and supporting documentation.
Where appropriate, we’ll include options for different locations you could source from, including China, Eastern Europe and more.

Depending on your purchasing profile, we can typically deliver savings of 10–15%.
Once you agree our proposal, we begin a long-term strategic partnership for the supply of all the products involved.

The whole process, from data sharing to proposal, takes around two weeks.

How we choose suppliers

We’re always interested in talking to suppliers who …

  • Are set up to fulfil high-volume aggregate orders
  • Offer strong technical abilities with a track record of innovation and consistent quality – beyond formal certifications
  • Can help us demonstrate compliance with standards, based on deep product knowledge
  • Can work with us to reduce carbon footprint and material consumption
  • Are located closer to our clients’ point of use in the UK.